City in Shock as Mayor on Radio talking about his merger plan

EAST CLEVELAND OH – Manfred Frazier radio show on WTAM 1100 AM

Mayor Gary Norton Jr. appeared hid from television reporters and only appeared on the Manfred Frazier radio show Sunday April 12, 2015 to briefly talk about the tragic accident that claimed the life of one of East Cleveland’s off-duty police officers. For a short part of the time spent by Norton on the Frazier show he talked about the accident while the rest he promoted his plan to merge with the city of Cleveland.DSCF5728

Mansfield Frazier who is a supporter of anything Norton does went along with that idea and also did not ask about what happened to Joiner and what people could do to ease their pain of the second off duty life loss in the last year. Last year EC Detective Sgt. Kyle Cunningham died with cancer in December 2014 and at that time Norton had failed to pay healthcare plans for safety forces (

DSCF5719Clearly Norton shows no compassion and his witty banter only amuses the man he sees everyday in the mirror and not EC Safety forces. Norton continued talking about his merger plan and when asked about the flashing traffic cameras he managed to make up a good lie saying that there was a case in the courts that allow EC to keep on collecting traffic camera revenue. Actually there is no case in Cuyahoga County Courts that have the East Cleveland and American Traffic Systems and that of course means Norton is willing to lie in public.

frazierAccording to this strange radio program merger is the only thing left to do and it seems strange that Mansfield Frazier would lead such a cause. Frazier is an entrepreneur with several businesses that might enjoy the low cost land in East Cleveland should a merger happen but perhaps there is more to this story than gentrification and the block of property coming from University Circle could yield the truth.


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