“Get up off your do Nothings and Do Something” – EC School Board

DSCF5735EAST CLEVELAND OHIO – 4/13/2015 – The last time 44112News.com covered a meeting of the East Cleveland School Board their use of lapel microphones was a big problem and audience members had to read lips to understand what was being said.  Unfortunately the school board which boast a positive budget appears to enjoy the residents and parents and other audience members not hearing the words said on stage.

We set our camera on stage to cover the meeting and perhaps hear some audio spoken along with asking the school board what they will do if the Mayor Gary Norton Jr. plan of merger happens.  Up to now no one from the EC school has said a single word and many resident want to know what they plan on doing to combat the plan of mayor Norton.  Now this story is best served by the video below and comments are invited by calling 44112News.com (216) 324-4783



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