Mayor Gary Norton Jr. has put a spell on East Cleveland (video)

After six years of fighting the good fight it now become apparent that Mayor Gary Norton Jr. has placed a ‘mojo” or spell on the city he commands. No one is upset over the fire set to show that the city needs to merge with Cleveland which caused an occupied home to be damaged.


No there is no proof that Norton had anything to do with the torching of an abandoned house but clearly it came at the perfect time to showcase his merger plan and he is out telling and brainwashing people around town.


Today we introduce our very first music video of the Screamin’ Jay Hawkins song “I put a spell on you” featuring Mayor Gary Norton Jr.

One Comment to Mayor Gary Norton Jr. has put a spell on East Cleveland (video)

  1. Bal Patel says:

    Clearly, the citizens of East Cleveland can do nothing to stop Mayor Norton. With a weak and ineffective city council, Norton laughs in their faces, that is, those of them who don’t support him. He doesn’t even live in East Cleveland, yet he still is in full control of the city’s destiny. Hat’s off to the mayor for making a complete fool out of the city of East Cleveland.

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