“PUNKS” East Cleveland “Woman-up” or “Man-up”

EAST CLEVELAND OHIO – 4/19/2015 – All last week people have had lots of talk about the Gary Norton Jr. video where he throws East Cleveland City Council and all residents under the bus in front of country club audience. Shame that the video has not been shared with more people and perhaps that is because EC people are ashamed at how only a handful of men and women are actually standing up against what the mayor is saying.

Call to our hotline number have turned into more of a venting session as no one is willing to put boots and heels on the pot hole streets and actually do something. The only bit of encouragement has been one school board member out fighting against the merger which if allowed to happen will end the EC School Board, Shaw High School and EC Library.

Are the men and women in East Cleveland Ohio as one person said “PUNKS” or will someone “woman-up” or “Man-up” by helping get signatures from their street. Right now it appears that Gary Norton is correct in this video and that the people of this great city have given up.

Let’s talk about this tonight on the radio live – Art McCoy University Radio Show 5PM to 7PM 1490 AM

The Forum with Mansfield Frazier – WTAM.com – 1100 AM  (Not sure about this show)

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