Mayor, Vanessa leave work together – Law Director Plays Mayor of EC

tattler01Rather than start a battle like we had some time ago with Vanessa Veals and Mayor Gary Norton Jr. this very short blog entry will focus around the East Cleveland Ohio Law Director sitting in for the mayor at EC City Council meeting.



The only upset person at this crazy meeting was Councilman Nathaniel Martin who left the room several time to compose himself. All others and residents in the room with the exception of one resident went along with talking to an empty chair representing Mayor Gary Norton Jr.DSCF5750

Coverage of the rest of this city council meeting will be uploaded to our channel in the next few days without comment. Because this meeting went for over two hours it gave everyone a chance to talk without fear of the mayor being around and that led to to lots of long speeches.


Total Disrespect of East Cleveland City Council and residents of the city of East Cleveland and no one in the city is upset at what the mayor continues to do. Where is the Tattler when we need some tabloid journalism to stir the people up. Perhaps that might get some eyes on what is happening in the city of East Cleveland Ohio while the whole world watches and laughs out loud (LOL) .

2 Comments to Mayor, Vanessa leave work together – Law Director Plays Mayor of EC

  1. Brian Satchell says:

    That is a disgrace. I’m praying for Vanessa and family. God is good. Healing than took place.Vanessa is a model citizen for east Cleveland.

  2. Well not sure about model citizen, her daughter has some severe anger issues and harassment issues. I pray she gets it together. Seems like apple don’t fall too far from the tree.

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