Is this picture real or fake, Mayors bedroom picture?

EAST CLEVELAND OH – 5/1/2015 – We have had so many people ask us to post this picture and expose the truth but since we have never been invited to Mayor Gary Norton Jr’s house either Shaker Heights or East Cleveland we can not authenticate the picture.

Because of the obvious porn image on the picture the worst part of the picture has been removed.

Now all we want people who have been to either of Mayor Gary Norton’s houses to do is let us know if the other items shown in the picture look like ones from the mayors house or bedroom.    The clues in this search are found on the dresser and television set type.  The furniture appears to be a 1960’s style older unit and those normally last a long time if not moved.  Using just the clues in front of your eyes along with past memories perhaps you can help us say yes or no on the origin of this picture.



We will report all findings and finally end this controversial photo now trending on several adult sites.

Mayor Gary Norton Jr. can send us an email about this picture and it will be printed without censorship to end the dispute concerning this now viral photograph trending on porn sites and other places.

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