East Cleveland Ohio supports Staff Sgt. Elizabeth Perez, USMC


EAST CLEVELAND OHIO – 5/4/2015 – East Cleveland Ohio residents welcomed walkers supporting the reunification of Staff Sergeant Elizabeth Perez and two sons with husband and dad Marcos.  As the group walked historic U.S. Route 20 which is the longest highway in the United States East Cleveland residents cleared the sidewalk and applauded the walkers effort.

The group of EC residents at McDonalds some of which are veterans saluted the group as they ventured down Euclid Avenue through the East Cleveland Leg of their long journey which started in Mentor Ohio. IMG_0842At other spots like the East Cleveland Library the group kept their fast pace walking to beat the oncoming rain and led by their guidon bearer Sgt. Perez the civilians got a taste of United States Marine Corps training.  This short march was nothing but a trip to the mall and then down the road for Sgt. Perez.

The Perez family needs support to reunite this determined Marine and sons with missing father and husband Marcos.  East Cleveland does not have much to offer but love and people willing to sign the petition and make calls.  Right now it is obvious that the five year period between this family has been too much to endure and with some help this family can be reunited.

East Cleveland Ohio residents and others reading this blog can sign the petition and or like the Facebook page on this issue.  Links are provided below and signature is one of the easy things people in East Cleveland Ohio can do.   Now you can help this motivated and dedicated Marine win this long battle which happened to this day go through U.S. Route 20 and East Cleveland Ohio.




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