Chemistry Class at East Cleveland School Board – Estrogen vs. Testosterone

EAST CLEVELAND OHIO – 5/7/2015 – East Cleveland School Board meets early Friday in meetings that should not render vote therefore the alleged misuse of Executive Session by EC School Board should not be a question.  And now  that every meeting of the East Cleveland School Board goes to executive session it is time for the residents to stop, drop and listen to what is going on at our “F” Grade earning schools.

This school board is planning to reward one of the worst superintendents in East Cleveland Ohio history MYRNA LOY CORLEY with a Double Dipping raise for her efforts to take the schools from “F” to “D” grades in June.  East Cleveland citizens pay attention because  it is now important that all citizens attend meetings and complain about the lack of being able to hear what they say on the stage at Shaw High School and their plan to reward Corley with a raise.

school board
This year there are three school board members seats up for grabs and perhaps it is time to end the estrogen lock and bring in some testosterone to chemical class on the school board and in the superintendent’s dunce chair.


School board meetings are held in silence from the audiences view point as members place themselves like rock stars on the Shaw High School multi purpose room stage.   Despite the coverage on 44112News sound is rare to be heard.  It appears to be some type of game not allowing the resident to hear the thousands of dollars they vote on spending and the grade of “F” this school board appears to proud earning.


The urgency for residents who pay the taxes for this school board to be able to treat themselves to fantastic dinners from Corky and Lenny’s restaurant while students dine on food which will prepare them for jail cuisine. Only one board member brings her own food Dr. Patricia Blochowiak who rarely if ever heads to the banquet table at school board meetings.  DSC04949

Residents have to make the effort to find out where the biggest portion of taxes is sent and the students appear to have no control using cell phones in class and the word “nigger” or “nigga” is accepted language in the hallways of Shaw High School.  Perhaps it is time to take East Cleveland School Board to court so they understand their alleged abuse of executive session and lack of compassion as residents simply can not hear what they are saying or doing at Shaw High School.


Anyone who doubts what is happening at Shaw High School just needs to walk the hall during class change or simply go observe class from the back row.  This Superintendent and board members need some help as school draws to an end and the social media black mob makes it ugly appearance on EC Streets and a police force not equipped to handle fights up and down Euclid Ave.


Quiz question for everyone:  What committee does East Cleveland Board President Dr. Una H.R. Keenon take part in?    Bring your answer and your own food to the East Cleveland Board of Education meetings below.



Friday, May 8, 2015

Beginning at 9:00 a.m.

Beginning at 9:00 a.m. – to run in succession.

Buildings and Grounds will commence at 10:00 a.m.


  1. gloria  avery-prease, chair            dr. patricia blochowiak, Co-Chair

Purpose: Misc. Finance discussions

Welfare and Public Relations

Dr. Patricia Blochowiak, Chair                 Gloria Avery-Prease, co-Chair

Purpose: Misc. Welfare and Public Relations discussions

Buildings and Grounds

  1. tiffany fisher, chair        ms. eve lynn westbrooks, co-chair

Purpose: Misc. Buildings and Grounds discussions


  1. Eve Lynn Westbrooks, Chair        ms. tiffany fisher, Co-Chair

Purpose: Misc. Education discussions


East Cleveland Board of Education

1843 Stanwood Road –Room 215

East Cleveland, OH 44112

Any questions please call (216) 268-6587

Mary Ann Nowak

Mary Ann Nowak, Treasurer/CFO

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