Family reaches out to EC People for Help

Sometime on Thanksgiving Day or Night 2012 the East Cleveland Police and  Sterlyn Lamont Ezell came into contact with me and shortly thereafter Sterlyn lied dead in the East Cleveland Jail. 

Rumor says that this quiet fun loving man committed suicide by hanging himself with a T-shirt.  Other allegations are that the East Cleveland Police Department brutally assaulted and detained Ezell.

Believe what you want but here are the facts:

 1. When the young mans mother called to find out what was up, NO ONE from our East Cleveland Police, Administration or jail bothered to let the family know that their loved one died in custody.


  1. No one should ever have to go through the roach and rat infested East Cleveland Jail.  However, this young man spent less than a couple hours in our hell hole of a dungeon only to end up dead.


  1. The moment this young man died, the cell became a crime scene; however it has been completely cleaned and the family still has no answers.

 4.  Getting away with murder is not new for East Cleveland, we went through this with our vice cops who allegedly murdered a young lady as seen on TV.


  1. Finally, F.B.I. Cleveland was contacted only to take a routine report and not do anything to check out the crime scene.  SHAME on F.B.I. Cleveland.

Our prayers go out to the Ezell family and we truly hope that the attention we will now focus on this helps ferret the truth.  No more with our police not being investigated by the FBI; we the people are watching the police, correctional officers, Mayor and Police Chief.

 What can you do to help? 

Contact F.B.I. Cleveland – WE Need everyone to help by at least calling and asking that they get involved.  Send an email, FAX, but just don’t sit there letting this mess continue.

1501 Lakeside Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44114 
Phone: (216) 522-1400
Fax: (216) 622-6717


4 Comments to Family reaches out to EC People for Help

  1. jerrydj says:

    CLEVELAND PLAIN DEALER, Ohio — A 42-year-old man identified by the Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner’s Office as Sterlyn Ezell, of Bedford, was found hanging in his cell at the East Cleveland City Jail at 1:52 a.m. Thursday.

    The official cause of death has yet to be determined.

    Ezell was found hanging within about 30 minutes of being placed in his cell, said East Cleveland Lt. Matt Balli. East Cleveland police detectives and internal affairs officers are investigating along with the Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner’s Office.

    Balli said Ezell had been booked on “some type of alleged assault.”


    The Plain Dealer allowed some of the most ignorant comments to run and then closed all futher comments. SHAME ON CLEVELAND.COM

  2. Dogooder says:

    It’s amazing the disgrace your willing to do to this family without knowing any of the facts. I’m sure the facts will come out soon enough. Can’t you at least wait until then to try to disparage our police department? You and City council are so eager to make the Mayor to be the bad guy that you will sacrifice anyone to make it happen. Stick with facts if you want to report something!

    • The Truth says:

      Dogooder read your comment back to yourself. Does it make sense? The family called the City Council members, because your “do good Mayor” did not! Your “so protecting” police department gave the mother of the victim a number to call, by her surprise it was the number to the corners office. The police lacked the decency to let the mother know he died in the jail.
      Since Mr. Norton has been in office, I have personally observed him campaigning for Mildred Brewer by placing Dwayne Hicks criminal record in the boxes of residents in 2007; not to mention, showing the alleged stolen pictures of Eric Brewer; forgot one his recent attempt by wasting thousands on a flyer viewing council members. You will see “Dogooder” Chief Uncle Tom Spotts and Mayor Devil Norton will be exposed for their criminal actions.

  3. Dogooder says:

    The Truth;

    I do not even know how to respond to that. “Uncle Tom”?! Pretty racist remarks. From what I’ve read, the police did nothing wrong. So again, what personal agenda do you have for inflaming the situation?

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