Tattler #28 – The Irish supremacy edition

From: Julinda Mi’Adolla <julindamiadolla@gmail.com>
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Good Morning All,

Last night the Auditor of State met with East Cleveland city council to tell Gary Norton the bad news.  He’s being referred to the Ohio Ethics Commission for an investigation of his violating the state’s special meeting laws to introduce and pass legislation to set himself up to receive $45,000 as safety director once he took office as mayor in 2010.  With an over $8 million deficit, and the public now fully aware that he’s incompetently handled the duties of the mayor’s office, he’s pretty much done.
Officials also learned that Wade Steen’s buddy, ex-East Cleveland finance director, screwed his old boss with illegal transfers between funds without his knowledge or council approval.  Incompetence alert.  Don’t trust Brooks.
So now we direct some of our attention to Cuyahoga County government where another “Norton-like” elected official has been pumped up by the Plain Dealer’s PR machine…Ed Fitzgerald.
We open the Fitzgerald edition with an editorial.  Over the next few weeks and months, we’ll reveal more of what we already know, and more of what we’ll learn from disgruntled and ethically-minded county employees who’ve been looking for a vehicle to share the truth.
This should be fun.  Make the Tattler go viral.  Send it everywhere.
Clyde Clodhopper

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