Washington vs. Norton – One woman stands up to lying EC Mayor

Where is TV talk show star Maury Povich when you need him and that lie detector show? That question is asked because Mayor Gary Norton needs to be wired up to a polygraph for everyone to see he cannot stop lying.

Norton told a packed house of mostly his followers that everything happening with the laying off of police is the fault of city council.

Not one time did he say he had anything to do with the current mess he has placed city finances. Much like a spoiled child, Norton plays his tirade in front of local media leading them to believe he is the good guy.

TRUTH – Norton has done nothing but hide money, hire new employees even though the current staff runs to the bank on payday to make sure their checks do not bounce.

It is time for the residents of East Cleveland to get mad as hell and start showing this self appointed king right to the royal door. He and his staff continue to make fools of them self constantly telling lies or acting like they are above the law. At one point Michael Smedley the mayors sidekick and 70-80 thousand a year assistant refused to allow outspoken critic Ms. Washington to speak citing that he did not want to hear what she had to say.

There are lots of uploaded YouTube.com videos from this week, too many to post here. Visit our YouTube Channel to see for yourself.

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  1. Carlos says:

    It is unfortunate that city council relies on the former cross dressing mayor, who by the way is the force behind this website, to guide them in their quest to discredit the current mayor. The citizens need to wake up and realize that council is not concerned about the city,they exploit it to pimp their own twisted agendas. Instead of pumping up your stooges with stupid catch phrases such as “show me the money” and “we are not going to take it anymore” try doing your damn job instead of making the city more of a laughing stock each time you open your mouths.

  2. ECLEresident says:

    Ok… c`mon… I’ve lived in East Cleveland for just under a year now and after witnessing all of these meetings on channel 9 and looking around this city, all I have to say is that the city council is an absolute JOKE. First of all, Brewer died.. why is she still listed on the city website that hasn’t been updated in about a year?! Second, who the hell decided to elect this young kid in her position? He is not qualified (nor is anyone on council) and he’s ridiculously unprofessional. He appeared on 19 action news in an interview wearing a t-shirt… guess it fits into the East Cleveland view. The loud fat guy on council needs to get a muzzle and sit down. He acts like a badass and likes to yell, yet, he doesn’t know what he is talking about whenever he speaks. It’s pathetic. The mayor is no better… he is texting during council meetings… this city.. jeez… And it is time to stop pulling the “race card” on the 137 shots fired story… get over it. Proven criminals were shot, stop acting like the were “SO” innocent. If they were such victims, WHY WOULD YOU RUN FROM POLICE??? If they would have pulled over and then been shot.. THEN you would have a point. BUT. THEY. RAN. The people in E.C. are too focused on race wars and playing victim to realize the obvious facts that are present in East Cleveland. This place used to be so nice too….

    • Carlos says:

      If would be hilarious if they would broadcast an East Cleveland council meeting on national televison, everybody would see the reason the city will never recover and become respectable again. ECLEresident was on point when he described council as a joke. You would think that as elected officials they would focus on the safety and well being of the residents that elected them.Instead they embarrass the city with their smear tactics against the mayor and safety forces. ATTENTION council here is a novel idea to focus on; put your energy into attracting businesses into the city other than liquor stores, cell phone stores, and all night gas stations. And by the way, you could not tolerate the former mayor when he was in office however anyone with even an ounce of intelligence knows that he is now your master puppeter. Word of advice, you too could sound intelligent if you would have him teach you the fine art of using a word processor program to cut and paste ordinances and text from the codified ordinances and Ohio Revised Code and publish it on this website giving the appearance of knowledge and that you actually know what you are quoting. A parting quote, Cities are not brought to ruins by the residents, they are ruined by impotent govenment officials that the residents elect on good faith.

  3. jm says:

    Carlos, are you tripping?

    Ignorance. Impoverished thinking. Semi-literacy. Feigned intelligence. Just because a person has the ability to conjure up an idea in writing that seems literate doesn’t make it so. There are such things called facts gleaned from public records. You cite them but your lack of perspective shows you haven’t read them.

    Fact: Gary Norton is the mayor who created a more than $8 million deficit and returned the city to fiscal emergency in 33 months. Subfact. He was required and failed to create and submit three financial recovery plans to the Auditor of State.

    Fact: Gary Norton’s reckless spending has exceeded the budget and the amount of money approved by council for each of the three, and now going on four years he’s been in office. Even now Gary is exceeding the budget because he hasn’t laid off the employees he was supposed to lay-off by mid-February. That’s a criminal act that will be reviewed by both the Auditor of State and the Attorney General. Gary is too stupid to realize the AG will be the Financial Planning & Supervision Commission’s lawyer and that the Fiscal Emergency Act prohibits him from doing what all know he’s doing. Subfact: Do you know it’s against the law for any public official to lie or present false information to the commission? That boy is going to be in trouble.

    Fact: Gary Norton continues to pay himself money to which he is not authorized to receive as safety director, and paid himself an extra $12,000 in September and December of 2012. Those dollars were in excess of the wages he was authorized to receive, and he continued to pay himself as safety director even though voters said no in November. Subfact. Every time he submits a request for and receives the money is a separate act of theft in office. What a dummy!

    Fact: Gary Norton is submitting a bi-weekly time card and claims to be entitled to 40 hours a week for full-time wages even though the city vehicle he drives is always parked either in his garage or in front of his Newbury Road home. He’s being doing this since he lost the pay raise election. Since you watch the council meetings you know his attendance is irregular. Subfact: Per the charter the job is full-time and Gary can’t claim he’s working from home, especially since the city’s being run so poorly by Mr. Two Degrees. Subfact: The little dude doesn’t even list the three years he spent at Morehouse on his Facebook page. 10 D’s and 8 F’s. That’s funny!

    Fact: Gary Norton is mentally ill. He lacks character and a sense of ethics. His wife doesn’t trust him. If he cheats on her what do you think he cares about the residents he serves? Gary is a pathological liar whose words should not ever be trusted. He’s also a man who kept and showed a picture of the former mayor’s penis in his cell phone. I’ve heard the ex-mayor joke that his only concern was that Gary might have been masturbating to his pictures. Gary secretly told a close friend the ex-mayor’s legs and butt looked better than his wife’s. What a poor little confused pervert. Did you know boys in drag were en vogue at Morehouse during Gary’s three “party boy” years at the very liberal black university? Do you think his fun affected his grades which is why they withdrew him from the school? Was there another yet undiscovered reason, a scandal perhaps, for his departure?

    Carlos, one can only conclude that if you’re criticizing council for trying to prevent the mayor from stealing and misusing public funds, you must either be a criminal, like him, or someone who’s benefiting from the theft, which still makes you a criminal. If it’s also now confirmed that Gary is mentally ill, and by his grades, not to bright, it would stand to reason that only another mentally ill and criminally-minded person who’s not too bright would understand and sympathize with him. A criminal, mentally ill and not too bright. Hmmm! Interesting combination. Who are you? Hank “3 felonies” Smith? Trevelle “$50,000” Harp? Mike “Dying Daycare” Smedley? Which one?

    Council is doing the right thing, whoever you think is helping them. If you were really intelligent and actually cared about East Cleveland you’d master the charter and its ordinances and join council, the State Auditor, the Attorney General, the Ohio Ethics Commission and the FBI in exposing and calling for Gary’s prosecution. You’d be one of those seeking his removal. Mentally ill criminally-minded dummies don’t belong in public office.

    Look, dude. You are not informed. You’re not smart. You’re not intelligent and you’re only semi-literate. There’s no way a person of your limited intelligence and perspective has the insight to share anything relevant on this website. Really, Carlos, you sound like one of the idiots who post comments at the end of the Plain Dealer’s stories. I bet you’re one of their favorites.

    Here’s a test. Let’s see if you have the intellectual competence to craft an appropriate response to the facts I presented above without resorting to your ignorant name calling tactics. If you can prove that anything I’ve shared above is untrue, I’ll tell the world your real name is Carlos Einstein and send you a Dunkin’ Donut gift card.

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