The People Speak (EC Residents Point of View)

By: ECLEresident –

Ok… c`mon… I’ve lived in East Cleveland for just under a year now and after witnessing all of these meetings on channel 9 and looking around this city, all I have to say is that the city council is an absolute JOKE. First of all, Brewer died.. why is she still listed on the city website that hasn’t been updated in about a year?!brewer

Second, who the hell decided to elect this young kid in her position? He is not qualified (nor is anyone on council) and he’s ridiculously unprofessional. He appeared on 19 action news in an interview wearing a t-shirt… guess it fits into the East Cleveland view.

The loud fat guy on council needs to get a muzzle and sit down. He acts like a badass and likes to yell, yet, he doesn’t know what he is talking about whenever he speaks. It’s pathetic. The mayor is no better… he is texting during council meetings… this city.. jeez… And it is time to stop pulling the “race card” on the 137 shots fired story… get over it. Proven criminals were shot, stop acting like the were “SO” innocent. If they were such victims, WHY WOULD YOU RUN FROM POLICE??? If they would have pulled over and then been shot.. THEN you would have a point. BUT. THEY. RAN. The people in E.C. are too focused on race wars and playing victim to realize the obvious facts that are present in East Cleveland. This place used to be so nice too….

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  1. jerrydj says:

    While our honorable King/Mayor Gary Norton continues to bamboozle the media and some of the public, we the people keep on saying “Show Me The Money”.

    THE Money – King/Mayor Norton continues to pay himself despite being told by we the voters in November that he should not bank over 140 thousand dollars a year (Issue 48). Why in February 2013 is Norton still banking his same paycheck?
    He, Norton never took a pay cut and owes our fair city about 200 thousand bucks.

    Hey Jack Steel or whoever you really are, check out our citizens website and the matching YouTube channel for the truth.

    To any and all reporters, I dare you to request the bank statements showing where Norton is hiding about 20 million dollars (Huron Hospital Deal).

    We need help and it will not come from County or State Government and now I am free to tell the world that the men and women in black are on the way

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