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CLEVELAND CHALLENGER IS LIVE TODAY!  The first “return” edition of the Cleveland Challenger is now on the worldwide web.  Monthly subscriptions are $10.   Please place the link below in your search bar at the top of the page.

The lead story deals with an amazing allegation that Cleveland Clinic helped the CIA assassinate an Egyptian and Saudi leader.  Delos Cosgrove, the Cleveland Clinic CEO who screwed East Cleveland out of Huron Hospital, is going to be pissed.  Obviously, because I’ve written the story, if I ever get sick I’ve told my son not to take me to Cleveland Clinic.  LOL.

For those who’ve been following my postings about Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams, read my review of the 294 documents Attorney General Mike DeWine compiled to investigate their murders.  My story should result in calls for the president of the Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Association to be fired and prosecuted.

Anyone who thought Jimmy Dimora’s 28 year sentence was excessive will learn why they’re right in the story I’ve written about Republicans who got slapped on the wrists for far worse crimes.

There’s an explosive story I’ve written about how Cleveland Heights’ police chief targeted the Myxx restaurant and bar’s black customers for selective enforcement of the city’s ordinances.  This being an election year should result in changes.  Pay particular attention to the quotes from Beachwood council Martin Horowitz and Cleveland Heights Mayor Ed Kelley.  Racial bigotry is alive and well in this town.  This story features explosive information about a major and hidden scandal at the Mandel Jewish Community Center.

And if Ed Fitzgerald thinks he’s going to waltz his way into the governor’s office with the bullshit I’ve uncovered about his double-dealing administration, he can forget it.  The story about his handpicked Medical Examiner should give his foes plenty of ammunition to call for him to step down.

There are 15 hard hitting and entertaining articles in this edition of the Cleveland Challenger.  You’ll not find them in any other publication or on any of the television news stations.  They’re all original and relevant to Cleveland, greater Cleveland and Ohio, and this is only the beginning.  We can only get better.  My son and I are still looking for writers.

A fee for the publication means it’s supported by readers and not advertisers, which gives us a great deal of editorial independence to write about any topic without fear of economic loss.  We will accept ads, but I’m not letting dollars from GEICO stop me from exposing the corporate dealings of its owner, Warren Buffet.  No one will tell us what to print and what not to print in the Cleveland Challenger.  I went through that shit with the Cleveland Press and Call & Post which is why I’ve always published rather than work for someone else’s publications.

I haven’t published a newspaper since the newsprint version of the Cleveland Challenger in 2005 before I became East Cleveland’s mayor.  I’m excited and hope you subscribe, read and encourage your friends to give us a chance to become the area’s dominate news source.  Yes, Plain Dealer, this is a direct challenge.

If you’re up early, we officially go live at 6 a.m.  Let me know if you have any login or navigation problems.


  1. EC retired says:

    Eric J Brewer, you lingerie wearing embarassment to East Cleveland- get a life! Nobody wants to read your rag! You are a 60 year old unemployed nobody! Are you still living with your Son? LOOOOOOOSSEEEER!

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