It’s time to let the ladies save the day!

Ladies turn this time to take over the reigns in East Cleveland and that means ladies like Dr. Joy Jordan need to get ready.   It is time to stop talking so proper and get with the program because Mayor Gary Norton is out of his mind and these videos prove that.

Nothing is going on in East Cleveland, no jobs have been brought by Norton, and no businesses have entered our streets.  Grants are few and hard to ever here about.  And while he continues to draw two salaries despite the battle we won in November (Yep two paychecks) which allow him to but new cars and have a ball at our expense.

This website has one goal and that is to continue showing in his own words how stupid Gary Norton is being.

City Council needs some help in stealing back Cable Channel 9, the propaganda tool that Norton uses flawlessly to brainwash citizens watching, and it is time to shut “The Norton Channel” down.

Last nights council meeting was a joke and Gary Norton and friends all shown on the tapes show up only to disrupt and cause contusing.

This all must stop and hopefully as we get closer to Election Day, we all can show up and get rid of Gary Norton once and for all.  What say you all?

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One Comment to It’s time to let the ladies save the day!

  1. Ec resident says:

    This guy “jerrydj” is a nut. I like Mayor Norton and I can’t stand joy Jordan. She doesn’t know anything and she flies off the handle for no reason. I would never vote for her over norton.

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