Protest against East Cleveland Cable and the Norton Network


Our protest has been rescheduled until Friday, July 12, 2013 due to expected thunderstorms this week.  If you are interested in helping us get the students at Shaw High and other citizens get on Channel 9, call             or text Mr. Gerald O. Strothers Jr – (216) 324-4783

This website has had one purpose and that has been to ferret out the truth and help city government run efficiently.  When things looked bad such as when the Honorable Mayor Gary Norton tried to steal money we all reached with last November’s Issue 48 with the power to stop the insanity.

Our Mayor has taken over the cable access channel 9 for his own use and that means absolute corruption on channel because we only see what Gary Norton wants us to see.    He has his own cable channel which by the way is not aired from the cable company it comes from to 15832 Glynn Rd the personal home of William Fambrough III, East Cleveland Library President.

William Fambrough is still on the city payroll making about the same money he did while filming anything Mayor Norton wants.   NO ONE has access to the channel nine studios because the fools at East Cleveland Cable actually ran cables directly to the Glynn Road residence.

East Cleveland Council fired Mr. Fambrough from his $75 thousand a year job that only required him to film two council meeting monthly.  There were two ordinances passed by council and vetoed by Mayor Norton and finally overridden and put into law by council that demanded all of the equipment now missing be returned and that East Cleveland Cable and Fambrough return all of the camera and sound gear.

Join our protest at the offices East Cleveland Cable 1395 Hayden Ave  Cleveland, OH 44112 or at least call:  (216) 851-2215 and tell our once and only cable company to let us see the band, school board and city council meetings without this going any further.

If you are tired of seeing Gary Norton 24 Hours a day telling about how good he is and why he should be reelected join our protest.

It is time for East Cleveland Cable to follow the law now on the books in East Cleveland and disconnect 100% the feed coming from 15832 Glynn Rd (Fambrough basement).   Time to pull the plug on the Norton Network.

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