Grand Theft, who stole all our video and sound gear?

Grand Theft

Grand Theft

It is time to file criminal charges against Wiliam Frambrough the President of our Cleveland Ohio Library and on the city payroll around 75 grand a year working with Mayor Gary Norton.

PLEASE Listen Carefully as this alleged criminal states that all of the equipment belonging to the City of East Cleveland belongs to him now.

Rather than tell to much, this alleged thief has been asked just to return everything on the attached lists and we can make this go away.   HOWEVER it appears that either things got stolen from his residence on Glynn or something like a sell on eBay might have happened.

Now it’s up to us to prosecute and sadly we can’t go to the East Cleveland Police Department because this involves their boss, the Mayor who is 100% involved in this. Watch for more breaking news to follow as we take this to some folks who can investigate and bring our video gear back to city hall.

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