A Small Editorial – “The Music of My Heart has a Drum Line”

Small Editorial from Gerald O. Strothers Jr.  (Updated July 17, 2013)

Normally this website tends to go on its own with no apparent control on the topics we have covered on this site for now over two or more years.  During that time the topics of city government have been captured for the world to see here and thousands of people have this site as a favorite.

Today I personally am asking everyone to forget about all of our missing money in East Cleveland – “Show Me the Money” and our vermin and insect filled East Cleveland Jail as well as other items covered by this website.

This is about – The Mighty Shaw High School Band and all of the sports and academic students along with others yet to be recongnized.

It is my Birthday wish (July 2013) to be able to watch OUR band do their thing on East Cleveland Cable Channel 9 rather than see 24 hours of Mayor Gary Norton campaigning for reelection.  I am positive that if given the chance to decide whether anyone wants to watch “The Norton 24 Network” or view the Shaw Band it will be overwhelming be my favorite horns, drums and dancers winning the ratings.


An additional birthday gift it sure would also be nice to see some community meetings like East Cleveland School Board, City Council and even the Library Board meetings finally televised on cable nine in addition to me patting feet to the Shaw High Band.

East Cleveland City Hall has already passed city law making East Cleveland Cable to disconnect the direct feed leading to Mr. William Fambrough III residence (15832 Glynn Rd) and return that connection to city hall.   However, the owner of the cable company, Mayor and Mr. Fambrough refuse to comply with law.

During the July 12th protests in front of East Cleveland Cable people were telling tales like the basic rate is $65 and there are NO Premium Channels on this cable system.  Although the two days I stood outside of their office there were very few folks actually coming to pay their bill those who did were not happy.

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