Gary’s Got To Go!

Mr. Norton,

We’ve heard complaints that you and your minions are intimidating East Cleveland residents who visit public streets to distribute literature and knock on doors to discuss the candidacy of other American citizens who’ve met the qualifications to become candidates for elected office. These Americans, Mr. Norton, are exercising their constitutional rights and civil duties. Stop with your nonsense!

The specific allegations against you are that you threatened residents with calling the police. Another allegation is that you ordered a housing inspector to inspect the home of council candidate Ernest Smith, and that he has been targeted by the city’s police for harassment.

Other residents have complained that Brandon King, a vendor doing business with the city and a candidate for council, has also participated in threatening residents. There is a question as to why you are also supporting the council candidacy of Thomas Wheeler, a property owner who you employed in the community development department, and who waived fees for a contractor who hired him immediately after his city employment. Please confirm if he is the man alleged to have been a partner in a delinquent red light camera collection company with you. His departure from the Cleveland police department serves as a reminder that he is not someone the voters of East Cleveland should trust. His Cleveland police disciplinary records are public. You should review them.

Clyde asked that I forward a copy of the latest campaign literature for your comment. As always, the document is copied to our entire email list in addition to the media and FBI.

Gary’s Got To Go!

Why you do the things you do to people, and think you can get away with it, shows an arrogance the likes of which East Cleveland has never seen, and should hope not to ever see again. May wisdom be the only hand that guides each resident’s vote, and the minds of the individuals who read this message to the man who serves only himself at the expense of the residents of East Cleveland.

If only you had been blessed with a good and honest heart.

Julinda Mi’Adolla

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  1. There is an article where the highest financial official, Ohio auditor Dave Yost, in Ohio says that East Cleveland can exist with it’s current revenue stream and population. –“It shouldn’t be impossible to run a city of 18,000 with a budget of $11 million,” Yost says

    University Circle has already expanded into East Cleveland, General Electric would face higher property taxes being part of Cleveland and may move, long-time home-owners may lose their homes due increase property tax level. –Cleveland has 20 times more schools for property tax rates

    I think East Cleveland needs to sell Cleveland Gary Norton and get a more qualified budget orient mayor. –Ohio Auditor Dave Yost knows more than George Forbes, Cleveland Plain Dealer or habitual DUI driver Council Zack Reed of Cleveland

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