This is a Damn Shame (Gary’s Got To Go Series PT 1)

Normally I try very hard not to get upset at things going on in East Cleveland Ohio but on this date I watched a young lady carrying her child in her wheelchair on Hayden. There are NO SIDEWALKS on Hayden for disabled people especially anyone with a wheelchair.
What they have to do is go out into the street where today some of the drivers actually blew their horns for her to get out of their way. One driver was screaming for her to get on the sidewalk along with other potty mouth words.

They had some half ass contractor come in and put in wheelchair ramps at Shaw and Hayden but the work is a total mess and not helpful.
This is all under the run of Mayor Gary NO who could care less about the disabled people in our town.

Included with this posting is your chance to comment and stop just reading this website. It is time for everyone to stop being scared of the tiny dictator because the cops and everyone are even starting to realize that things are crazy under our worst mayor ever.
Your comments are welcome and will be posted, what say you?

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