Hayden Ave. and Disabled Citizens (Gary’s got to Go Part 3)

5 Inches too much for wheelchairs, bicycles and many assisted walkers.

Not to be confused with the photo taken in Part One of “Gary’s Got To Go” this citizen now makes this writer use every journalist tool to not get personal on this piece. Sure the whole “Gary’s got to go” thing in itself has a very personal theme the goal with this video piece is to show everyone how bad things are for some citizens here and why he has to go.

This affects everyone from bicycle riders to seniors just crossing the streets of Hayden Ave and most of our inner streets. Down in the lower part of East Cleveland we have coined a phrase “This is a hot mess.”

Once again the East Cleveland Cable Company corner at Hayden and Shaw Avenues.

We the people of East Cleveland all need to be ashamed that we did not push for Mayor Norton to do something about this situation. While the buck does stop at Norton for handling a major situation instead of cutting grass, it is our fault if we let this “Hot Mess” and Mayor Gary Norton go on another four years.

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  1. Ernestine Coleman says:

    The mayor and counsel should have been doing their homeworks must sooner instead of waiting for actions to be done in an election year. As a concern citizens what must we do to correction our city policies concerning the Administrative branch and legislative branch? Do we have a check and balance for this city? If so, why wasn’t it use sooner.

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