Mad as hell about East Cleveland Police Department

A routine trip to the Shell convenience store at Superior and Euclid corners, turned nearly deadly for Kevin Frazier as East Cleveland Police officer E. Jones arrested and allegedly beat Frazier in handcuffs.  EC City Council President listens and vows to assist the family. This is a story heard more this year than ever and this time gets some help from City Council President Dr. Joy Jordan.
A group of family, friends and incident watchers take to the street in a protest in front of East Cleveland City Hall Saturday August 24, 2013.

The family states that they have called the media and no one was responsive to this story because as one news desk said

“Oh East Cleveland we already know about that one.”

The group is planning an even larger protest on Noon, Sunday, August 25, 2013 in front of city hall, 14340 Euclid Ave, East Cleveland, OH.

A late night call from the Shell gas station at Superior and Euclid corner from the owner was received but he did not want any trouble from EC Police. He refused to acknowledge the blood stains in his lot or that anything had happened.

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