Welcome Home Kevin Frazier – Thank you Judge Dawson

First I want to apologize for the video shot during the jubilant and happy ending of this story. Not sure if the water running from my eyes was dirt or something else watching Kevin Frazier cross Euclid Avenue to meet his mom, Cynthia.
At six o’clock P.M. today, August 25, 2013, thanks to an intervention from Judge William Dawson the large group of protesting family got to celebrate with their loved one.
A legion of media reporters all tried to get a comment from the East Cleveland Police Department but it appears they went fishing this weekend. Either way no one from the Mayors office even bothered to talk to the mother or any of this rather large protest group.
It took City Council President and Mayor Candidate, Dr Joy Jordan and City Council members Mansell Baker, Barbara Thomas and finally Councilman Nathaniel Martin who all joined forces to help this family.
Couple all of that with Former Judge Una H.R. Keenon contacting current Judge William Dawson (Judge to Judge) this is what was needed in the end.

A Happy ending as the family attempts to understand the ordeal this last twenty four hours has been. Thank you Dr. Jordan for getting this whole thing started and everyone who helped along the way.

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