Gary “NO” took my “Joy”

The last two nights Gary and his band of Pirates have been very busy taking up the yard signs from Dr. Joy Jordan. Not only are they stealing the signs he leaves his own sign as a warning telling everyone who them must pay homage to. They even paid a call to my door on Northfield Ave at the now infamous 14019 address to cut my signs up to pieces.
My reply was to put up more of those lovely “JOY” signs only to finally give up and go with this current sign on my yard, placed by the king.

This sign is a Keeper!

It truly shows that Gary No has got to GO and he must realize it to have all of pirates out replacing signs with these signs. Shame on you Gary NO, you have got to start sending out some resumes and trying to get a job with Cleveland Clinic or maybe RTA will let you drive the Red Line Train.

The movement is working about 20 hours a day just to displacing the worst mayor in our cities history and send him to another city like Shaker Heights perhaps.

Sadly the new mayor will be taking over and the city car will be on blocks, stripped and smelling like naughty scents.

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