Dump site on Eddy Road #2 and this place stinks

East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – 5/6/2017 –   44112News.com Ward 2 in East Cleveland now has it’s own dump site back in action again. Just in case you wondered where they dumped the stuff picked up on the streets, we went inside the gates at the Eddy Road street division. Thank you to the lazy EC Police who went in to get gas and left the gate unlocked. I bet that gate will be locked shortly to keep you unaware of what acting insane Brandon King is bamboozling everyone with. IRead More

Kari Oatman Nicholson Candidate for East Cleveland Ohio Mayor

East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – 5/6/2017 – Candidate for Mayor of East Cleveland Ohio, Kari Oatman Nicholson caught shopping at the Coit Road Farmers Market in EC. Clearly the message she sends out is that the next mayor of East Cleveland will be a woman and we tend to concur with her. Under the reign of males the city has deteriorated into the a pothole filled place with a toxic dump. Right now the top two candidates seeking the office of Mayor out of over 14 other candidates are females.Read More

Brandon J. Miles at Goodyear Tire Saves The Day

Cranberry Township, PA – 5/6/2017 – On the road from Pittsburgh to East Cleveland and then back again this story took a strange change as pothole damage in East Cleveland Ohio destroyed my car tires. While trying to make it back to Pittsburgh PA the pothole, or some in Pittsburgh would call it Chuck hole damage took it’s toll as a huge bubble on the rear tire busted and went flat. The car has a Goodyear temporary spare tire that some call doughnut however this one has never been usedRead More

In Memory of Arlena LaBon – 109 Year old Noble Road Toxic Dump Fighter

Arlena LaBon – Our Prayer Warrior and the person who called attention to the toxic dump site on Noble Road in East Cleveland has passed at the age of 109 years old. When they first started dumping toxic material at the Noble Road site this lovely lady asked us to help her out. At first we did not come running so she kept calling until we came and saw what she was talking about. The next day this who story went global and thanks to Arlena LaBon the story gotRead More

Keeping it real with Caria Saxton

By: Caria Saxton The law is not supposed to be indiscriminate against any certain person, race, sect or group or any entity, when it comes to how the law is carried out, however in this age, the law seems to apply more pressure to those of a certain group especially when there is a certain level of poverty or lack of resources. Certainly,  the law does not consider that the demands it imposes on people especially when the person has the lack of income to suffice.  With that being said, insteadRead More