Who will sing like a canary?

East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – Who will sing the loudest when the men and women in black come to visit East Cleveland? Will it be Melran Leach the Community Development head or Salondra Wallace who heads the secret EC Land Bank Group? Both Leach and Wallace should be ashamed for what they have done under little Gary Norton Jr. and “Insane” acting mayor Brandon King. Some of the folks shown in this picture are enjoying selling properties for as low as $125 in meetings and minutes kept secret by “FAKE”Read More

“April Fools”

East Cleveland OH – “April Fools” It has been a strange month to start with the “FAKE” EC City Council met Tuesday, April 4, 2017 with long running city councilman Nathaniel Martin going along with the strange gathering rather than objecting to anything. As the real city council president, Nathaniel Martin managed to disappoint his faithful fans and followers with allowing or even showing up for the fake meetings. He also made it clear that he is NOT running for mayor of East Cleveland and is expected to ride the coattailsRead More

Cuyahoga County NOT Kosher in property transactions

Mitchell Paul    Here is another creepy example of the Cuyahoga county land bank taking care of friends….in this case by the WELL CONNECTED crooks who ruined public square…..LAND STUDIO. But those allegedly saving and building Cleveland back up shouldn’t have the appearance of impropriety….this smells. Does this sound kosher? Please explain how your new boss at LAND STUDIO Greg Peckham mortgaged the two properties on John ave for 625,600$$$ given to him by your partners Cuyahoga county land bank and Ohio Near West development cdc for only 3951$$??? ObviousRead More

Volume 2 Attachment

Volume 2 Attachments