Korean Stevenson (In her own words) Candidate For Mayor of East Cleveland Ohio

East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – 5/21/2017 – Korean Stevenson I am sorry to beg your pardon. I have also been to the dump, explored all of the options for the dump several years ago now, spoken to the EPA requesting assistance and calling as far as Washington to find out about regulations and the millions it cost to get rid of this mess. And I am a candidate. VOTE for Korean Stevenson for MAYOR This is not a new issue for me because i have for the past years been involvedRead More

No more incumbents this Election 2017 – Enough is Enough

East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – 5/9/2017 – Joy Jordan says ” East Cleveland’s City Officials put this toxic dump behind her house. This is what she lived with during her last remaining years.” Despite protest from residents, East Cleveland City Council members: Recalled Ward 3 -Thomas Wheeler, Brandon King, Former Ward 4 Mansell Baker, Nathaniel Martin and Barbara Thomas along with Recalled Mayor Gary Norton Jr. all were excited to sell this land for $125 thousand Dollars. The land was worth much more and George Michael Riley Sr. and hisRead More

Keeping it real with Caria Saxton

By: Caria Saxton The law is not supposed to be indiscriminate against any certain person, race, sect or group or any entity, when it comes to how the law is carried out, however in this age, the law seems to apply more pressure to those of a certain group especially when there is a certain level of poverty or lack of resources. Certainly,  the law does not consider that the demands it imposes on people especially when the person has the lack of income to suffice.  With that being said, insteadRead More

Bald Head EC Acting Mayor Brandon King Picture becomes viral

East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – 4/20/2016 – A bald head picture of dreadlocks or dreadknots wearing EC Acting Mayor “Insane” Brandon King is the most downloaded item on the 44112News site today.  Because of all of the downloads of the now infamous “Insane” Brandon “Baldy” King picture we have had to move to a larger web server to handle the downloads.   Appointed only to serve as acting mayor until the election of 2017 is decided, King is now on a full fledged run for the mayor seat and is patchingRead More

Traffic Camera Tickets have folks totally upset and they want answers

East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – 4/25/2017 – Automated Traffic Camera Ticket Fiasco still has our telephones ringing night and day. And the people are totally upset at acting EC Mayor “Insane” Brandon King and his Lie Director “Silly” Willa Hemmons for what they are doing to residents and visitors of the city of East Cleveland Ohio. From a 76 year young lady on a fixed income who rarely drives about twenty miles per hour who receives one of these fake tickets and has to use her limited food money tryingRead More