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To all Cleveland Media Outlets – Illegal CAM Tickets out of control

REAL BREAKING NEWS for everyone take one minute of your time to  Call the media: WOIO TV 19/43 – (216) 367-7300 WKYC TV 3 – (216) 344-3300 WJW – Fox 8 – (216) 432-4240 WEWS – NewsNet5 – (216) 431-5555 Plain Dealer Newspaper – (216) 999-4373 Cleveland Scene Magazine – (216) 241-7550 Call & Post Newspaper – (216)-588-6700 Thanks to Willa Hemmons and Brandon King (Queen and King) of East Cleveland hundreds of people are calling our number upset at the illegal ticket and now bogus collection company saying thatRead More

Illegal Traffic Camera Tickets Increase – “Don’t Pay That Ticket” – Holiday Edition

East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – Why our phones here are so busy while EC City Hall continues to disrespect citizens rights in regards to the illegal traffic cameras ripping visitors and residents of this great city.   First it starts with Crooked Gary Norton Jr. deciding to “trump” the law in regards to having a police officer at every traffic camera site. Perhaps if we had a contract with American Traffic Solutions such a thing could happen but the people and two members of city council do not want theRead More

Illegal Traffic Camera Tickets and Psycho Mayor Gary Norton Jr. – Don’t Pay A Single Penny

East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – 11/23/2016 – This story has been going on for nearly two years and we have talked with hundreds of distressed citizens who have received and illegal traffic camera tickets from the billionaire brothers at American Traffic Solutions (ATS) and psycho Mayor Gary Norton Jr. Just about every media outlet except one (WOIO/WUAB 19 & 43) has done a complete story detailing the injustice illegal traffic camera tickets are imposing on good people.  While 19 & 43 references a “Hail Mary” court case filed to stopRead More

Illegal Traffic Camera Tickets hurting business in EC

East Cleveland Ohio – The continued use of illegal traffic camera in East Cleveland Ohio is making business locations close up.  People are avoiding driving through the small city after receiving a ticket in the mail from American Traffic Solutions (ATS) out of Mesa Arizona. The billionaire brothers who own the company have struck up a secret deal with East Cleveland Mayor Gary Norton Jr. to continue the use of these illegal traffic camera in 2016. Local media have been told many lies but the most flagrant one is thatRead More

Do NOT Pay that ATS Camera Ticket in East Cleveland

DO NOT Pay East Cleveland Ohio Speed and Red Light Camera Tickets from American Traffic Solutions! The Billionaire Tuton Brothers owners of ATS in Arizona are partners with EC Mayor Gary Norton Jr. to illegally collect money from people driving through East Cleveland. On Hayden Avenue at Mayfair Elementary School the ATS Truck is parked there everyday giving away hundreds of $95 tickets in a school zone that has no signs posting the speed limit or that there is school ahead. Since Ohio passed the law requiring a police officerRead More