Anthony Joiner


They led a prayer then let  balloons and white doves fly free

East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. Р12/05/2015 РA group of about seventy-five people and the Shaw High School Band braved the cold to pay tribute to deceased East Cleveland Police Officer Anthony Joiner and a ceremonial renaming of Strathmore Avenue. According to attending police officers the doves are trained to go back to where they came from and they flew over the audience twice and then headed back home. Quite a few police officers joined the dedication of Strathmore and in honor of departed police officer Joiner the street was renamedRead More

City in Shock as Mayor on Radio talking about his merger plan

EAST CLEVELAND OH – Manfred Frazier radio show on WTAM 1100 AM Mayor Gary Norton Jr. appeared hid from television reporters and only appeared on the Manfred Frazier radio show Sunday April 12, 2015 to briefly talk about the tragic accident that claimed the life of one of East Cleveland’s off-duty police officers. For a short part of the time spent by Norton on the Frazier show he talked about the accident while the rest he promoted his plan to merge with the city of Cleveland. Mansfield Frazier who isRead More