Arlena LaBon


Shame on all EC Fake and Real City Council People and Mayor (Mother LaBon)

East Cleveland Ohio  U.S.A. – 5/22/2017 – At age 109 Mother Arlena LaBon did more for the people on Noble Road than any of the sorry folks running the city of East Cleveland Ohio.  This posting is for the real city council people with the exception of Kelvin Earby who motivated me to write this piece and co-editor of 44112News, my twin sister, Tracy Udrija-Peters both folks who have watched over this story as it develops. This whole story started with Mother LaBon calling and asking me,  Gerald Strothers toRead More

In Memory of Arlena LaBon – 109 Year old Noble Road Toxic Dump Fighter

Arlena LaBon – Our Prayer Warrior and the person who called attention to the toxic dump site on Noble Road in East Cleveland has passed at the age of 109 years old. When they first started dumping toxic material at the Noble Road site this lovely lady asked us to help her out. At first we did not come running so she kept calling until we came and saw what she was talking about. The next day this who story went global and thanks to Arlena LaBon the story gotRead More