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Two days with EC City Council uploaded late by AT&T Uverse

East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – We managed to follow most of the East Cleveland Ohio City Council as they talked about merger to what is really going on in the city.  Unfortunately for East Cleveland Ohio residents AT&T Uverse has less than adequate upload speeds and even with their Professional Package the upload time is reminiscent of the days with 14K and 56K modems.  You remember those days when a screech sound led us to the internet which was fast in those times but slow as a turtle on theRead More

Nathaniel Martin all alone filing criminal charges against Mayor

Last nights East Cleveland City Council Meeting was attended by three residents and even two of them walked out before the fun started.  Our first meeting was actually a committee meeting headed by Nathaniel Martin with Brandon “LAND” King, Thomas Wheeler as members.  Reporting for the meeting dressed in a Ohio State Buckeye Shirt EC Human Resources Director Anna Marie Smith who attempted to give a report about new or rehired personnel.  When the topic got to the service department where a mutiny took place leaving them without a supervisorRead More