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To tell the truth (Mayor Gary Norton Jr.) 2 Stories

Mayor Gary Norton Jr. has managed to spin two different version of why the traffic control lights at the intersection of Euclid Ave, Forest Hills Bvd, and Wheeler Ave are flashing red.  After being interviewed by Multimedia  journalist Michael Baldwin on January 20, 2015.   Mayor Norton admitted that the lights were intentionally switched to flash red causing drivers to come to a complete stop.  In less than 12 hours Norton being interviewed by multimedia journalist Paul  Kiska changes the whole story.   According a confidential source the East Cleveland Ohio city ServiceRead More

Bamboozled – How Gary Norton fooled everyone

On the Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King Holiday this reporter decided to pay tribute to what this holiday should be about.  What would Rev. Dr. King do if he were in East Cleveland Ohio seeing peoples lives being put into jeopardy?   Originally a very visual media event was planned using a real casket from a local funeral home however Mayor Gary Norton  managed to contact that place and threaten with action or repercussion. Despite having no casket and none of the protesters showing up our one man protest simplyRead More

EC Mayor Gary Norton wants a job with City of Cleveland

Before writing this entry it was necessary to find out what goes on with traffic lighting devices in East Cleveland and why do lights sometimes malfunction.  Following many phone calls asking us to look into what is happening at the East Cleveland Ohio intersection of Euclid Avenue and Forest Park Boulevard specifically this series started. Stubborn Mayor Gary A. Norton Jr. could have stopped this whole thing from global just by calling the technicians to replace the computer board inside of the main computer that controls this signal.  Instead MayorRead More

Ca$h Corners – East Cleveland Ohio Most Dangerous Speed Traps

Spend a day in East Cleveland Municipal Court Judge William Dawson’s court and you will be wondering why he is not on television. The court operates much like some of the better known television judges and provides simple and easy to understand decisions.   For East Cleveland people it’s a good thing Mayor Gary Norton hogs up all of the public access found on cable channel 9 for him (Norton Network). With no cameras in the court room Judge Dawson is East Cleveland’s best secret and this judge loves theRead More

Jimmy and Frank Week in East Cleveland Ohio

This week we change the pace and provide helpful tips for East Cleveland Ohio Mayor Gary Norton and his Chief of Staff Michael Smedley from former Cuyahoga County Commissioner Jimmy Dimora and County Auditor Frank Russo.   While both men struggle to have something keeping them alive and well in jail where they now reside perhaps some of their struggle will help Norton and Smedley at this time. As a reporter I have found myself involved in some of the strangest investigations every imagined however the path to Dimora andRead More