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Korean Stevenson reveals details about Meeting

East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. 6/12/2017  – Candidate for Mayor in East Cleveland Korean Stevenson calls the 44112News hotline to tell about the strange meeting held by acting mayor Brandon King, 6/12/2017. In this audio file she details how the mayors input from citizens was censored and in some cases people were not allowed to talk. And of course the barely graduated from high school mayors flunkie, Michael Smedley snatched the microphone out of some peoples hands and in the case of Noble Road Toxic Dump spokesperson, Mr, Harry Drummund, SmedleyRead More

Dump site on Eddy Road #2 and this place stinks

East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – 5/6/2017 – Ward 2 in East Cleveland now has it’s own dump site back in action again. Just in case you wondered where they dumped the stuff picked up on the streets, we went inside the gates at the Eddy Road street division. Thank you to the lazy EC Police who went in to get gas and left the gate unlocked. I bet that gate will be locked shortly to keep you unaware of what acting insane Brandon King is bamboozling everyone with. IRead More

Hot Dog – Voter Registration Drive – Sunday 4/11/2015

`EAST CLEVELAND OH – 4/11/2015 – “Hot Dog” Voter Registration Drive and Petition Signing Sunday in East Cleveland Ohio. On Sunday April 12, 2015 enjoy a hot dog and East Cleveland registered voters can sign the petition to recall EC Mayor Gary Norton Jr.  Potholes all over the city, Senior Citizen Center Closed and now about to be sold or leased, no fire or ambulances.  How much more can we take in East Cleveland asks some residents. Anyone willing to help prepare and serve hot dogs or just get folksRead More

The Grand Army of the Republic Highway – 24 Hours with Mansell Baker

Riding with EC City Councilman Mansell Baker (24 Hours) This is a 24 report where East Cleveland’s youngest city councilman Mansell Baker asked me to keep him off camera and I agreed. Day one with Mr. Baker starts with him on the phone with the Ohio EPA because of a gasoline spill on The Grand Highway of the Republic Highway better known as Euclid Avenue in East Cleveland. Councilman Baker seemed to have no regrets in bringing me out in the middle of the night to make sure this gotRead More

To tell the truth (Mayor Gary Norton Jr.) 2 Stories

Mayor Gary Norton Jr. has managed to spin two different version of why the traffic control lights at the intersection of Euclid Ave, Forest Hills Bvd, and Wheeler Ave are flashing red.  After being interviewed by Multimedia  journalist Michael Baldwin on January 20, 2015.   Mayor Norton admitted that the lights were intentionally switched to flash red causing drivers to come to a complete stop.  In less than 12 hours Norton being interviewed by multimedia journalist Paul  Kiska changes the whole story.   According a confidential source the East Cleveland Ohio city ServiceRead More