Bernice Lapsley Ewing


Person of the Year 2015 in East Cleveland Ohio (Bernice Ewing)

East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – Each year we the editors of 44112News pick a person who has done the most to help people in East Cleveland.  Normally with three editors the decision is split sometimes or unanimous but with two ladies and a man our panel looks more like the television show “Hot Bench.” This year there are only two editors picking the Person of the Year in 2015 because the person we picked passed away this year and she is also the person of the year.  In 2015 itRead More

A Celebration of Love for Bernice Ewing 2/28/2015

A full-house and yes both would be considered a sell-out if this was a concert or sporting event but these two nights were a show of love for Bernice Ewing a woman who touched so many lives world-wide.     As a writer I wanted so much to stand up and tell the world more of the things they do not know but instead decided to record the event for all to see and feel the spirit.     Bernice and I spent many months searching for a magical cure,Read More