Building Permit East Cleveland


Architectural Review Board Spring Meeting – Wed 5/20/15 – 6 PM

EAST CLEVELAND OH – 5/20/15 – Residents rarely get the  chance to hear how the buildings used to be developed and the EC Architectural Review Board tries to keep some tradition going.  The problem with this group is they refuse to welcome new construction into a city turning rapidly into a dumping site. It’s been quite a while since this board met, most building permits go through the Mayor and gives the approval.  It is only when the mayor is not personally handing the building permit that this board isRead More

Greasing Palms in East Cleveland (Show Me The Money!)

palm-greasing Syllabification: palm-greas·ing Definition of palm-greasing in English: NOUN informal Bribery used to secure illicit advantages or gains in politics or business: after considerable palm- greasing, the plan for a commercial building was approved Reference:   November 7, 2014 – East Cleveland Ohio City Council met Wednesday November 5, 2014  with a plain and simple agenda which included welcoming the new Citizens Advisory Board Members and presenting a proclamation in honor of recently deceased Constance Porter, Call & Post Publisher. What the meeting actually turned out to be wasRead More