Cassandra McDonald


Dear Cassandra McDonald (Campaign Director) for Dr. Una Keenon for EC Mayor

East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – 6/13/2017 – Open Letter to Cassandra McDonald (Campaign director) for Dr. Una Keenon for mayor. Since we are playing politics and there really is no favorite person for Mayor of East Cleveland it is important that we present facts not fiction. The case we WON against Keenon was NOT SETTLED and she is in contempt of the order to provide pubic records. We are not trying to block your punt but instead bringing facts to light. Cassandra McDonald do your :”due diligence” as we willRead More

Cassandra McDonald talks about Noble Road Ohio Toxic Dump Site

As I understand Christina Beynon’s argument, the fact that the dump site was cleared does not mean that residents should not be concerned with the long term effects on their health. Toxic wastes are classified based on categories such as material, chemical, and waste after decomposition. The EPA has in fact set standards as to what constitutes toxic waste, however, due to the rise in environmental safety, the EPA is being asked to set new standards for declaring the levels of toxicity for any waste and the dumpsites. Taking intoRead More

Through the rain and EC Mayor and Police Harassment they marched on !

East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. РWhen talk show host Art McKoy met the people on Noble Road in East Cleveland and saw the toxic dump in their back yards McKoy went on a crusade. For weeks everyone has tried to understand why Art McKoy was so dedicated to make a march up Euclid Ave to the Noble Road site about a half a mile  or more. On September 29, 2016 concerned citizens came out to walk in the rainy day in protest of the Noble Road Toxic Dump site inRead More