Christopher Kimble Jr.


Got Illegal Traffic Camera Ticket – Call 19 News

East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – 3/2/2017 – 19 Action News is NOT everywhere in East Cleveland. No coverage of the illegal traffic and speed cameras in EC while they report another temporary Mayor Brandon King and lawyer “Silly” Willa Hemmons alternative dump site. A news station that boasts having Karl Monday the top investigator and they forget to go after the biggest dumper in EC history, George Michael Riley Senior and his former love partner Christina Beynon who both are responsible for the four story high dump site killing people.Read More

Black Lives Don’t Matter to Black People in East Cleveland Ohio

Black Lives Don’t Matter in East Cleveland and after a year no one in East Cleveland Oho cares to find out the truth. Christopher Kimble Jr. was Killed by an East Cleveland Police officer (Kyle Pettus)  who was texting while driving. The EC Police took his dash and body cameras and smashed them up. No evidence and the people who video taped the incident are afraid to show their footage. Black People treating Black People like Dogs and that is a big shame as a year has passed and nobodyRead More

Welcome “Black Lives Matter” protesters world-wide to Cleveland

Welcome “Black Lives Matter” Protesters from around the world to North East Ohio (Cleveland). ‘BLACK LIVES DON’T MATTER IN EAST CLEVELAND OHIO’ WALK ACROSS THE STREET PROTEST – TUESDAY – July 19, 2016 – 11:00 AM – Corner of Emily Street and Superior Avenue in East Cleveland Ohio 44112. “Four Corner Protest” East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – While the major media coverage will be downtown at the convention you will have a chance to visit East Cleveland Ohio and accomplish something that will save lives of all colors. Using RTA –Read More

Black Lives Don’t Matter in East Cleveland Ohio – Death Corner Continues

BLACK LIVES DON’T MATTER IN EAST CLEVELAND OHIO The East Cleveland Police Department made sure to get the Dash and Body Cameras and destroy the contents. No one bothered to call the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation. And the people of East Cleveland sit back like lambs and let Christopher Kimble Jr. not have any justice or peace. DEATH CORNER – Superior Avenue and Emily where Christopher Kimble Jr. was crossing a street with flashing lights at night. Our satanic mayor and every one of the city council members areRead More

Fighting Minds at East Cleveland City Council Meeting – 3/1/2016

East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – In the old days before Mayor Gary Norton Jr’s wife Shalom Norton faced felony charges people in East Cleveland had some respect for the office of Mayor. A full house of residents attended the City Council Meeting on May 1, 2016 upset over Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District’s plan to build three toxic swamps in the city of East Cleveland Ohio. Mayor Gary Norton Jr used the so-called Law Director Willa Hemmons to save his wife at the expense of taxpayers his words and threatsRead More