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NewsNet5 Reporter Michael Baldwin finds EC Mayor for comment

Some of the best reporters have all been trying to find where East Cleveland Mayor Gary Norton is by visiting the house in East Cleveland, coming to his office at city hall and by calling his disconnected phone number. Countless voice messages, emails and even regular mail letters have been sent to Mayor Gary Norton and he still has remained unreachable. WEWS NewNet5 Reporter Michael Baldwin decided that he would find the person no other news team including his own could locate. So Baldwin without a live upload truck simplyRead More

EC Mayor Gary Norton wants a job with City of Cleveland

Before writing this entry it was necessary to find out what goes on with traffic lighting devices in East Cleveland and why do lights sometimes malfunction.  Following many phone calls asking us to look into what is happening at the East Cleveland Ohio intersection of Euclid Avenue and Forest Park Boulevard specifically this series started. Stubborn Mayor Gary A. Norton Jr. could have stopped this whole thing from global just by calling the technicians to replace the computer board inside of the main computer that controls this signal.  Instead MayorRead More

Criminal Charges against Gary Norton – Really?

Before former Assistant Law Director Deborah Blade could make her escape from the sinking ship called East Cleveland City Hall she received a serious letter from EC Councilman Nathaniel Martin included for all to see here.  (Click Here To See Adobe .pdf Letter)  In that letter Councilman Martin asked the local Law Director to file charges against her employer and boss Gary Norton.  This would have come under the Whistle-blower Laws both state and federal had Blade decided to file charges.   She clearly could not have just filed chargesRead More

Our heads in East Cleveland Must Screw off and On

The first East Cleveland Ohio City Council Meeting of 2015 and it was only about giving Mayor Gary Norton more money to play with and spend.  The meeting proved to all in attendance that Norton could care less about anything they say as he walked out of the meeting when people wanted to vent about current things such as the closing of Helen S. Brown and reverse racism (White Out). As one of the most dedicated city council meeting attendees I have attended more EC Council meetings than most.  I have toRead More

“Squatter” upsets Residents on Elm Ave – East Cleveland OH

 UPDATED – December 31, 2014 – Thanks to the Cuyahoga County Sheriffs Department this Sexual Predator is back in jail and not living on Elm Ave in East Cleveland.  Despite the statement EC Police Chief Michael Cardilli made that this man was not wanted and had a valid lease which ended up to be misinformation and the fact that no one from East Cleveland City Hall was willing to help with the exception of Ward 4 Councilman Mansell Baker this situation is now concluding.  Once the stolen items inside areRead More