Collette Clinkscale


Forest Hills Park Area EC Residents – Water Attack

EAST CLEVELAND OH – The folks in upper East Cleveland receive cable, water and other services from Cleveland Heights and they don’t share the same concerns of lower EC folks.  Now they are facing a change of water thanks to our former Director of Water Collette Clinkscale who is now the Cleveland Heights Water & Sewer Commissioner.  Under Clinkscale’s leadership Cleveland Heights prepares to privatize their water system and is looking at Aqua Ohio to do the watery job.  Unfortunately for the Forest Hills East Cleveland residents they can notRead More

Clinkscale “falls on her sword” to save Mayor Norton in court

Congratulations to former East Cleveland Prosecuting Attorney Michael Winston for winning the CV-14-821810 captioned as: TRACY L. UDRIJA DBA UDRIJA & ASSOCIATES vs. CITY OF EAST CLEVELAND.   The real case was Gary Norton running a vendetta against Tracy Udrija and just like any war story this case had its hero’s and losers.   Former East Cleveland Chief of Staff Collette Clinkscale came to the rescue of Mayor Gary Norton by taking all the blame over Tracy Udrija not being paid and having to sue the city for victory.  Clinkscale fellRead More