Corruption in East Cleveland


Phones really ringing off the hook about this video

East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – PHONES RINGING OFF THE HOOK OVER THIS VIDEO – Walter Melton says: Thanks to Mayor Brandon L. King, and his Administration the service department Mike Riley for donating his equipment and Voice For my people we always out here keeping it clean&safe and the council members we can start moving the city East Cleveland forward. God is good y’all ——– We have no control over allegiances with George Michael Riley Sr. who pays people “chump change” to do his dirty work. Truly acting mayor “Insane”Read More

PERSON OF THE YEAR 2016 – Arlena LaBron

EAST CLEVELAND OHIO U.S.A. – #44112News – PERSON OF THE YEAR 2016 – 108 Years young Arlena LaBron becomes our third Person of the Year in East Cleveland Ohio. And she earns that title thank to her due diligence in getting help for her neighbors on Noble Road in East Cleveland Ohio. World-Wide Media coverage started with Arlena LaBron using a landline telephone to call 44112News and ask for help. She does not have a computer or smart phone but her years of wisdom make her much smarter than theRead More

EC Board of Education Prepares Pay Raise for Superintendent

East Cleveland Board of Education Board Meeting Scheduled Special Board of Education Meeting Thursday, June 25, 2015 6:30 p.m. Purpose: Financial Matters Appointment/Resignation of Personnel Acceptance of Donation Agreement with Baldwin Wallace College regarding student teaching Briefing and discussion relative to student International travel Professional Meetings Executive session:  To consider the appointment and compensation of a public employee    East Cleveland Board of Education 1843 Stanwood Road – Room 215 East Cleveland, OH 44112 Any questions please call (216) 268-6587   Mary Ann Nowak, Treasurer/CFO EAST CLEVELAND OH – 6/24/15Read More

Congratulations MYRNA LOY CORLEY – Grade “F”

CLICK HERE TO SEE AGENDA FOR THIS MEETING EAST CLEVELAND OH – 5/12/2015 – Parents and citizens of East Cleveland Ohio did not show up to praise or show how upset they are over the “F” state grade earning superintendent Myrna Loy Corley being able to retire and then be hired back with a substantial raise in pay per EC Board of Education. By state law East Cleveland Board of Education was required to hear all comments in a public hearing prior to voting to allow the double dipping arrangement.Read More

East Cleveland Board of Education disregards Parents and Citizens

EAST CLEVELAND OH – 5/11/2015 – The East Cleveland Board of Education will hear resident comments concerning the double dipping of retiring school superintendent MYRNA LOY CORLEY in June 2015. Board members have allowed citizens a short time to tell how they feel concerning the performance and state rating of being at the bottom. HOWEVER, it is personal and not business as these school board members with the exception of one will all vote to allow Corley a fantastic double dipping raise. It appears that this small board are friendsRead More