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Sippy Cup drinking Mayor Gary Norton Jr giving out 15K raises to his staff

EAST CLEVELAND OH – City of East Cleveland Financial Planning and Supervision Commission had their normally monthly meeting for May and June at the East Cleveland Public Library June 3, 2015. The biggest part of the meeting revolved around “Sippie Cup Drinking” Mayor Gary Norton Jr. awarding yet another of his assistants a raise.  Previously we discovered that Michael Smedley receives over seventy nine thousand dollars a year just to “fetch” things for the mayor.  His job was created by Norton to serve Norton and Smedley has been working behind theRead More

Auditor of State Dave Yost – “Show me the Money”

44112News.com 14019 Northfield Ave East Cleveland, OH  44112 (216) 324-4783 EC44112@gmail.com   February 6, 2015         Mr. Dave Yost we need your help in East Cleveland Ohio According to Ohio Attorney General citizens can not request his office to conduct an investigation into East Cleveland Mayor Gary Norton and what happened to the money from the sale and destruction of Huron Hospital. I have asked your group on site here in Cleveland one simple question and that is what bank was the twenty-million dollars received put in?Read More

To tell the truth (Mayor Gary Norton Jr.) 2 Stories

Mayor Gary Norton Jr. has managed to spin two different version of why the traffic control lights at the intersection of Euclid Ave, Forest Hills Bvd, and Wheeler Ave are flashing red.  After being interviewed by Multimedia  journalist Michael Baldwin on January 20, 2015.   Mayor Norton admitted that the lights were intentionally switched to flash red causing drivers to come to a complete stop.  In less than 12 hours Norton being interviewed by multimedia journalist Paul  Kiska changes the whole story.   According a confidential source the East Cleveland Ohio city ServiceRead More

NewsNet5 Reporter Michael Baldwin finds EC Mayor for comment

Some of the best reporters have all been trying to find where East Cleveland Mayor Gary Norton is by visiting the house in East Cleveland, coming to his office at city hall and by calling his disconnected phone number. Countless voice messages, emails and even regular mail letters have been sent to Mayor Gary Norton and he still has remained unreachable. WEWS NewNet5 Reporter Michael Baldwin decided that he would find the person no other news team including his own could locate. So Baldwin without a live upload truck simplyRead More

Bamboozled – How Gary Norton fooled everyone

On the Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King Holiday this reporter decided to pay tribute to what this holiday should be about.  What would Rev. Dr. King do if he were in East Cleveland Ohio seeing peoples lives being put into jeopardy?   Originally a very visual media event was planned using a real casket from a local funeral home however Mayor Gary Norton  managed to contact that place and threaten with action or repercussion. Despite having no casket and none of the protesters showing up our one man protest simplyRead More