Detective Scott Gardner


Detective. Cmdr. S. Gardner – East Cleveland Police

Det. Cmdr. S. Gardner <> 6:52 PM (1 hour ago) to me Mr. Strothers; Someone has sent me an article you had done on the accident on Superior Avenue and I just wanted to ask that you add a correction. We are not the lead investigative agency, The Ohio State Highway Patrol is. In fact, other than an internal investigation, we are not investigating the accident, as it has been turned over to OSP. I still cannot comment on the majority of this incident until their investigation is complete. OnceRead More

Why all the black cops but no white cops in EC Indictment?

“Police Crimes Do Matter” East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – The men and women in black have managed to  indict some of the black police officers alleged to be corrupt.  On the face of this indictment it seems to make sense to everyone other than the people who are in prison or have been charged by the East Cleveland detective squad were sent there only by black officers.   In reality the “Street Crimes Unit” has several white officers who who also should not be exempt from prosecution. Odd thatRead More

Jimmy and Frank Week in East Cleveland Ohio

This week we change the pace and provide helpful tips for East Cleveland Ohio Mayor Gary Norton and his Chief of Staff Michael Smedley from former Cuyahoga County Commissioner Jimmy Dimora and County Auditor Frank Russo.   While both men struggle to have something keeping them alive and well in jail where they now reside perhaps some of their struggle will help Norton and Smedley at this time. As a reporter I have found myself involved in some of the strangest investigations every imagined however the path to Dimora andRead More

The week at a glance in East Cleveland – November 16-21, 2014

The week at a glance in East Cleveland – November 16-21, 2014 ENTIRE Meeting start to finish: There just seems to be no end to stories about East Cleveland ranging from the return to duty of convicted felon Scott Gardner who will be working on busting more of his fellow felons to a City Council Meeting in the cold of 62 Degrees. Now that Gardner is a convicted felon does it mean that all of the cases he presents will be considered “snitching” in street language?  Read more about thisRead More

Convicted Felon & EC Detective / Police Union President back to work?

With two trials completed Scott Gardner who has plead guilty in both Median and Cuyahoga County trials is now expected to return back to work as East Cleveland Detective according to Mayor Gary “Durango” Norton. Mayor Gary Norton said city officials will review Gardner’s case and discuss any disciplinary action against him. “We have to see exactly what he pled to, but I believe he will return to the force,” Norton said. A quote from: 1. Cuyahoga County Criminal Court – 06/04/2014 06/05/2014 N/A JE **THIS IS AN AGREEDRead More