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EC Superintendent MYRNA LOY CORLEY “F” report card gets her a raise!

EAST CLEVELAND OH – With only days left before the less than scholar superintendent MYRNA LOY CORLEY gets awarded a double dipping raise by her once teacher and now school board president Dr. Una H.R. Keenon we have received calls of interest from anonymous residents and teachers. Since our coverage of Board of Education meetings some people have noticed that this board treats themselves to the best cuisine at their meetings while giving the children food that has had the two delis across the street from Shaw High School makingRead More

Congratulations MYRNA LOY CORLEY – Grade “F”

CLICK HERE TO SEE AGENDA FOR THIS MEETING EAST CLEVELAND OH – 5/12/2015 – Parents and citizens of East Cleveland Ohio did not show up to praise or show how upset they are over the “F” state grade earning superintendent Myrna Loy Corley being able to retire and then be hired back with a substantial raise in pay per EC Board of Education. By state law East Cleveland Board of Education was required to hear all comments in a public hearing prior to voting to allow the double dipping arrangement.Read More

East Cleveland Board of Education disregards Parents and Citizens

EAST CLEVELAND OH – 5/11/2015 – The East Cleveland Board of Education will hear resident comments concerning the double dipping of retiring school superintendent MYRNA LOY CORLEY in June 2015. Board members have allowed citizens a short time to tell how they feel concerning the performance and state rating of being at the bottom. HOWEVER, it is personal and not business as these school board members with the exception of one will all vote to allow Corley a fantastic double dipping raise. It appears that this small board are friendsRead More

16 year old Son’s all “F” Report Card rewarded

EAST CLEVELAND OH – 5/10/2015 – My 16 year old son just brought home a report card from East Cleveland Schools with straight “F” Grades. I am so proud of him that I bought him a 2015 Escalade with everything in it. Even though it’s Mother’s Day I feel like my son should be rewarded just like the East Cleveland Board of Education plans to do with “F” Statewide report card EC School Superintendent MYRNA LOY CORLEY. On Monday May 11, 2015, 6:30 PM the board will hear a grandRead More

Chemistry Class at East Cleveland School Board – Estrogen vs. Testosterone

EAST CLEVELAND OHIO – 5/7/2015 – East Cleveland School Board meets early Friday in meetings that should not render vote therefore the alleged misuse of Executive Session by EC School Board should not be a question.  And now  that every meeting of the East Cleveland School Board goes to executive session it is time for the residents to stop, drop and listen to what is going on at our “F” Grade earning schools. This school board is planning to reward one of the worst superintendents in East Cleveland Ohio history MYRNARead More