East Cleveland Cable


East Cleveland City Council Final Committee Meeting 2015

East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – Perhaps it was the temperature of over eighty degrees in the courtroom at city hall or perhaps the time for a fight had been brewing for sometime now but shaking hands and being nice to each other came to a screeching halt. In the third and final monthly committee meeting by city-wide councilman Brandon King and Ward Three Councilman Thomas Wheeler both the residents and other council members were dumbfounded trying to figure out what the agenda was. Mayor Gary Norton Jr. like he hasRead More

Two days with EC City Council uploaded late by AT&T Uverse

East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – We managed to follow most of the East Cleveland Ohio City Council as they talked about merger to what is really going on in the city.  Unfortunately for East Cleveland Ohio residents AT&T Uverse has less than adequate upload speeds and even with their Professional Package the upload time is reminiscent of the days with 14K and 56K modems.  You remember those days when a screech sound led us to the internet which was fast in those times but slow as a turtle on theRead More

I want my MTV in East Cleveland Ohio

I want my MTV and am tired of high priced satellite service and low quality service from East Cleveland Ohio Cable.   Most people thought we had not other choice but that is not the truth and our city administration has bamboozled us again.  Instead of watching Mayor Gary Norton tell how good he is disseminating propaganda that turned out to be misinformation we had a choice.  Here is the law that should make everyone paying high rates for cable or satellite upset. On June 25, 2007, Governor Strickland signed SenateRead More

William Fambrough & Devin Branch books OVERDUE

November 28, 2014 – East Cleveland Ohio – Two of the members of the East Cleveland Ohio Public Library Board of Trustees William Fambrough and Devin Branch stand blocking the library moving into a new era.  Both of these trustees make it their business to disrupt meetings with inane comments and objections. As the owner of East Cleveland Cable access channel nine, Fambrough has the ability to present negative press on his illegally owned cable channel.  Most people in East Cleveland have no idea that Fambrough runs their cable accessRead More