East Cleveland Jail


In Memory of Sterlyn Ezell – 2012, 2013, 2014

This is the one day when this website brings it to everyone reading about Sterlyn Ezell and his tragic death in East Cleveland Ohio City Jail sometime during this time Thanksgiving Day 2012.  While the East Cleveland Police managed to cover up a murder scene and never released the tapes of the crime it just goes to show how things have been going in East Cleveland Ohio Jail. According to the East Cleveland Police Sterlyn Ezell managed to tie his T-Shirt around his neck in less than 30 minutes ofRead More

Mayor Gary Norton heads for the door again

The October 2014 meeting of the CITY OF EAST CLEVELAND FINANCIAL PLANNING AND SUPERVISION COMMISSION ended up being the longest time spent to date.  Starting at one o’clock the meeting included a presentation which at a cost of over one hundred thousand dollars talked about merging East Cleveland with Cleveland as one of the options. Read the entire proposal (Click Here)  102914 mtg materials part 1.pdf 102914 mtg materials financial packet part 2.pdf 102914 PFM Analysis mtg materials part 3.pdf After being shut down by commission head Sharon Hanrahan overRead More

NO More Dumping SHIP Around Us

We have seen the continued dumping on Elderwood & Page Streets ranging from televisions to just plain garbage and thought that  it could not get any worst than those scenes.   A walk down those streets today and you may see anything from old paint to chairs and tables and even after it was reported here no one took interest in stopping the dumping. Today we are tired of this SHIP – Yes Ship and not the potty word that some would say about trash being dumped. This dumped boat wasRead More

Mayor Gary Norton does the Laundry

10/13/2014 East Cleveland Ohio – An emergency council meeting was held to create the illusion for State of Ohio Auditor David Yost that finances are in accordance with his requests for an updated Financial Recovery Plan from East Cleveland.  The request from was expedited due to the up and coming election November where incumbent Yost is up against his first challenger Democrat John Carnery.  HOWEVER, for the record Republican Yost has won the absentee vote total statewide including many Democratic voters in East Cleveland.  Essentially a land-slide victory for YostRead More

“Hunker Down” as EC Council votes for Salt over Kids

October 7, 2014 – The children, parents and staff of Superior Elementary School in East Cleveland Ohio will have to “Hunker Down” and face the winter months with no pothole repair in site.  Right now the huge potholes are five to 7 inches deep but with the council to buy two new snow plows those potholes may just grow much larger by mid winter months. In a unanimous vote the five members all decided to go along the buying spree started by Mayor Gary Norton.  By replacing all of theRead More