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East Cleveland Public Library Board Committee Meeting

East Cleveland Public Library 14101 Euclid Avenue Board Policy Committee Agenda Lower Auditorium April 23, 2015 6:00 PM Agenda Call to Order Approval of the Agenda Discuss the approach to the task of rewriting the ECPL’s Board policies Discuss how the ECPL’s Board Policy Manual is currently maintained and kept up-to-date Discuss making ECPL’s current Board Policies available to the public on our website Audience Participation Adjournment Next Board Policy Committee Meeting TBA

East Cleveland Person of the year – 2014

This is our first time giving out any type of award or recognition to someone who has made a positive impression on us here at 44112News.com and the people of East Cleveland.  Our selection had to be one person who has brought happiness to our daily lives here either through helping people or just having an event that opened up our minds. Selecting the Person of the Year was difficult to say the least and there were three very positive people considered starting with East Cleveland Public Library Executive-Director ShebaRead More

Brandon “Land” King and his Insanity T-Shirt

Congratulations to East Cleveland Ohio City Councilman Brandon “Land” King for staying focused on buying up as much East Cleveland property he can.  Whether it be from friends he meets in Bedford Ohio or his own brother this young man is determined to make some money at our Monopoly property game. Kudos once again to the team from THE Word Church who declined to take FREE Land being offered by the bankrupt city of East Cleveland Ohio.    Pastor and staff just need to come up with a reasonable amountRead More

OMG – Monopoly Houses – FREE Church Space

This month the city of East Cleveland Ohio is out of money to pay most of the overdue bills including cellular phone service, electricity,  The only money coming in to  help us to pay employees is from the courtroom of Judge William Dawson.    Thanks to him collecting fines from traffic tickets we managed to have enough money to pay the staff in December. With no budget submitted by the mayor for 2015 (Due in November) the city is living payday to payday.  Employees need to dress warm for work asRead More

Secret Meetings are a NO NO – ORC § 121.22

December 2, 2014 – East Cleveland Ohio  – Going into Executive Sessions is something new for the three East Cleveland City Boards.  City council just initiated using Executive Session more active this year and The East Cleveland School Board used the privilege numerous times during 2014. New to going into Executive Session is the East Cleveland Library Board who made several critical mistakes in their haste to get to a secret meeting.  First mistake was to excluding public and media members in the audience at their SECRET meeting Monday December 1,Read More