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East Cleveland Police Officer (In his own words) Officer Duncan Speaks

Daoode Lydiiee Duncan I understand the media is designed to make a lot of people places and things look bad for years I have sat by as I read from the back ground all the negative post on this site… I never speak… I just read and watch… but today I feel the need to speak… as far as having insurance on the police vehicles they are definitely insured… as far as the mayor he inherited negative means with no resources this”thing” that has happened to EC been this wayRead More

“Show me the Body” – A day in East Cleveland OH

Today I discovered a body in a car. Just before 7 a.m.. What a way to start a late-in-the- season, snow-filled Saturday morning. Approaching the intersection a car was stopped. Lights on, wipers on, no flashers. Stopped. Light was green and other cars were going around it. As I passed I looked and didn’t see anybody in it. I continued on my way but it didn’t feel right. I turned around and went back. As I got closer to the intersection I saw the car drifting from its lane towardsRead More

They led a prayer then let  balloons and white doves fly free

East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – 12/05/2015 – A group of about seventy-five people and the Shaw High School Band braved the cold to pay tribute to deceased East Cleveland Police Officer Anthony Joiner and a ceremonial renaming of Strathmore Avenue. According to attending police officers the doves are trained to go back to where they came from and they flew over the audience twice and then headed back home. Quite a few police officers joined the dedication of Strathmore and in honor of departed police officer Joiner the street was renamedRead More

Welcome to Ferguson now known as East Cleveland Ohio

East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – A mostly African-American or Black town guarded by mostly white police officers and the resentment grows to a riot.  That is what happened in Ferguson Missouri that generated “Black Lives Matter” and started a sea of protests and riots around the United States. Ferguson did have black police officers but not many above the rank of patrol officers and that had a lot to do with the disparity in that town.  The rank in a police force works much like military with the police chiefRead More

With NO Vehicle Insurance, You Can’t Drive a police car in Ohio!

East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – When East Cleveland Ohio Police Officer Kyle L. Pettus started his part-time shift Saturday October 3, 2015 and Christopher Kimble Jr. rode the bus neither expected that they would meet but they did. Ohio Highway Patrol (By Law) should be ticketing the EC Police and Mayor Was Officer Pettus texting while driving as he smashed the East Cleveland Police cruiser into Mr. Kimble on Superior and Emily Avenues one of the most dangerous corners in the city. Christopher Kimble Jr. had no chance as theRead More