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Kari Oatman Nicholson Candidate for East Cleveland Ohio Mayor

East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – 5/6/2017 – Candidate for Mayor of East Cleveland Ohio, Kari Oatman Nicholson caught shopping at the Coit Road Farmers Market in EC. Clearly the message she sends out is that the next mayor of East Cleveland will be a woman and we tend to concur with her. Under the reign of males the city has deteriorated into the a pothole filled place with a toxic dump. Right now the top two candidates seeking the office of Mayor out of over 14 other candidates are females.Read More

Here Ye, Here Ye, East Cleveland Declares Bankruptcy

East Cleveland Ohio – Here Ye, Here Ye, – City Council Meeting to end it all with Mayor Gary Norton Jr. declaring Bankruptcy. We finally found a copy of the agenda and here it is once again back online. The Council of Three – Brandon King, Thomas Wheeler and Joei Graham refuse to let anyone know what is happening. Are the residents going to continue to be disrespected by three young thugs running the city in the ground? Tonight they are planning to give William Fambrough of Legacy Communications moneyRead More

THE Norton Network comes back to EC Cable

East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – Residents, School Board and Library Board Trustees all upset at Ward 4 EC City Councilwoman Joei Graham, Council President Thomas Wheeler and Council Vice President Brandon King for disregarding the will of the people in regards to the cable access channels. The infamous “Council of Three” and the worst mayor in the history of East Cleveland Gary Norton Jr. want to pay William Fambrough and his make believe “Legacy Communications” $20 thousand dollars and the $60 thousand Mayor Norton owes him to video tape councilRead More

Ray Robinson tells the world about Fambrough

From Ray Robinson (In His Own Words) Ray Robinson Fambrough definitely has the equipment. I was unfortunately hired by Council after being fired by Gary so that he could bring his henchman, Fambrough back to Shifty Hall. Yes. .. Shifty Hall. I would film the Council meetings and take the dvds to the Mayor’s wing and give them to Vanessa or Chief Spotts. Sometimes…I believe her name is Miss Kyle would take the dvds. I was later told to leave them in the council’s office and Fambrough would get themRead More

East Cleveland City Council Meeting – Tuesday April 19, 2016

East Cleveland City Council Meeting – Tuesday April 19, 2016