East Cleveland Thief


A Reporter in Detroit shows how it’s done

 UPDATED – December 31, 2014 – Thanks to the Cuyahoga County Sheriffs Department this Sexual Predator is back in jail and not living on Elm Ave in East Cleveland.  Despite the statement EC Police Chief Michael Cardilli made that this man was not wanted and had a valid lease which ended up to be misinformation and the fact that no one from East Cleveland City Hall was willing to help with the exception of Ward 4 Councilman Mansell Baker this situation is now concluding.  Once the stolen items inside areRead More

East Cleveland Law Director leaves with a bang

December 9, 2014 – East Cleveland Ohio – Outgoing city law director Ron Riley shocked a group of East Cleveland Ohio citizens when he stated that most of the ordinances passed by East Cleveland City Counsel did not mean anything to Mayor Gary Norton.   According to Riley the mayor is allowed to hire new people when needed and the previously passed ordinance from city counsel to stop the hiring process is invalid. Riley who is retiring and has accumulated a number of leave days which means that this will beRead More

Mayor Gary “Durango” Norton wants Cleveland to take his job

With the low voter turnout November 4, 2014 East Cleveland Mayor Gary “Durango” Norton is ready to put his plan into action. He started this plan by overspending on on things such as his nickname Dodge Durango truck as well as a fleet of police cars.  Heat for employees is now optional and the jail and other sections of city hall are given very little toilet tissue forcing some employees to bring their own Charmin tissue with them to work. Norton has continued hiring new people despite the fact thatRead More

McCalls Motel and Convenience Store – Merry X-MAS

A new concept in convenience stores comes to East Cleveland Ohio and it includes beer & wine and rooms for convenience. The McCalls Motel and Convenience store is planning on opening for the up and coming holiday season.  They may offer gift cards food for Thanksgiving and Christmas 2014 dinners.  Good news is that most of the major construction completed and they are awaiting inventory to start arriving soon. Despite complaints from local residents and city officials,  this convenience store did not have to get any approvals from City Counsel,Read More

Mayor Gary Norton does the Laundry

10/13/2014 East Cleveland Ohio – An emergency council meeting was held to create the illusion for State of Ohio Auditor David Yost that finances are in accordance with his requests for an updated Financial Recovery Plan from East Cleveland.  The request from was expedited due to the up and coming election November where incumbent Yost is up against his first challenger Democrat John Carnery.  HOWEVER, for the record Republican Yost has won the absentee vote total statewide including many Democratic voters in East Cleveland.  Essentially a land-slide victory for YostRead More