East Cleveland Voters


East Cleveland Board of Education disregards Parents and Citizens

EAST CLEVELAND OH – 5/11/2015 – The East Cleveland Board of Education will hear resident comments concerning the double dipping of retiring school superintendent MYRNA LOY CORLEY in June 2015. Board members have allowed citizens a short time to tell how they feel concerning the performance and state rating of being at the bottom. HOWEVER, it is personal and not business as these school board members with the exception of one will all vote to allow Corley a fantastic double dipping raise. It appears that this small board are friendsRead More

EC Mayor Gary Norton pushes for merger

A cold weekend of no heat at East Cleveland City Hall caused severe damage from frozen pipes and water leakage.  Despite the water on deck East Cleveland Mayor Gary Norton says his city does not have enough debt to declare bankruptcy.  Instead Norton plans to push East Cleveland Ohio citizens into merging with the City of Cleveland where he will be assured of representing the new City of Cleveland Ward.  Norton plans on recording public access channel television spots which will repeat over and over telling residents merger is our bestRead More

The WORD Church to get FREE Land in East Cleveland ???

Pass the plate and give THE Word Church enough land to build a mega-church for FREE! CLICK Here for Meeting Agenda There are a few things that I personally enjoy in life and one of those is going to a nice library that brings interesting things for the community.  Needless to say as a writer East Cleveland Ohio has a wonderful library that also doubles as the town hall and auditorium.  Through my years in East Cleveland Ohio the library has been the one place that has helped us toRead More

Blizzard® at Superior Elementary School streets

A Blizzard® of insanity has hit the City of East Cleveland in the form of selling property for as low as $50 to city council voting to spend over fifty-six thousand dollars to demolish more houses.  This is a multiple part blog entry which starts with the nifty cold patch job done around Superior Elementary School by someone who donated some cold patching material.  There are two ways to patch up potholes ranging from Hot Asphalt being put down by a professional road crew or the simple cold patch materialRead More

Mayor Gary Norton does the Laundry

10/13/2014 East Cleveland Ohio – An emergency council meeting was held to create the illusion for State of Ohio Auditor David Yost that finances are in accordance with his requests for an updated Financial Recovery Plan from East Cleveland.  The request from was expedited due to the up and coming election November where incumbent Yost is up against his first challenger Democrat John Carnery.  HOWEVER, for the record Republican Yost has won the absentee vote total statewide including many Democratic voters in East Cleveland.  Essentially a land-slide victory for YostRead More