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Vanessa Veals – Upset as Hell (My Facebook Friend)

East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – 6/10/2017 – Today we showcase one of the seldom heard about players in the East Cleveland Ohio saga and the second most downloaded video in our extensive catalog. VANESSA VEALS Her first step in the spotlight came with an alleged affair concerning Vanessa and the ten mayor Gary Norton Jr. which ended up being heard before the entire city and on a video we posted. Her official title is that of being the secretary for the Police Chief who is making well over eighty thousandRead More

Losing weight from 255 pounds to 207 pounds – Fully Raw Vegan Lifestyle

East Cleveland Ohio  U.S.A. – Editorial from Gerald O. Strothers Jr. “Eating Raw” The Secret to my Success – losing weight from 255 pounds to 207 pounds with no meat, dairy foods . Six Days a week of Raw Vegan meals with no salt, no sugar, no fast foods.  I don’t drink, do drugs and even stay away from soda and juices that contain sugar.  For me living in East Cleveland Ohio which truly is a food desert and finding good food has been tough. Not many healthy meals inRead More